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قائمة بالطلبات المدرسية 2014/2015

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Important points for parents

1) Parents Meeting
 تعقد إدارة المدرسة لقاء مع أولياء الأمور 6 مرات علي مدار العام لمناقشة المستوي العلمي لأبنائهم والإطلاع علي مشاكلهم والعمل علي حلها .   
2 ) Follow up copybook
It's the communication between home and teachers , parents should check it daily and sign if a message is sent .
* Time for calling the teachers is during the break .
* Half day : every month for the parents to meet the teachers
3 ) Homework
- It helps the students to practice more and improve their skills .
- Parents should make sure that their children do their homework regularly .
4 ) Note
If you change your address or phone number please inform the manager in writing .
5 ) Lost and found :
lost items should be claimed within 5 days of loss .
Note the children have to write their names on their school items and jackets . 
6 ) Copybook should be covered as follows :
English Red
Arabic / Religion White
Mathematics blue
Science yellow
Social studies green
French / German any colourful cover as assigned by teachers
7 ) School Fees
School Fees should be paid not later than:- 
1st  installment                              1st  June
2nd installment                               1st  September

The student's Behaviour

Attendance :
1 - If a student has been absent for three running days , he must present a doctor's certificate to the manager .
2 – If a student is absent from a scheduled test or quiz ( without a doctor's certificate )   he / she will receive a zero.
3 – If  his / her absence is due to illness proved by a medical certificate ,  he / she will sit for a make up test .