Important Reminders

1 – When students enter school , they have to stay in the play ground .

2 – The students aren't allowed to play football before the morning   lines or at the end of the day .

3- Caps aren't worn in the classrooms .

4- Students have to speak English all times .
5- Students shouldn't come to school with large sum of money .
6- It is forbidden to bring seeds and chewing gum to school .
7- It is forbidden to bring walkmans , magazines and mobile phones to school .
8- No student has permission to enter the staff room at any time unless allowed by the teachers .
9- Girls are not allowed to wear any jewellery.
10- It is forbidden to play or run in the corridor .
11- Don't scratch desks , don't mark walls , don't abuse any school property . If you do , you will have to pay for it .
12- Eating and drinking aren't allowed during the classes .( except for K.G )